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Moorpark, CA, USA: 805-531-8900
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Moorpark, CA, USA
A.V.C. Specialists, Inc.
5146 Commerce Avenue, Suite G
Moorpark, CA 93021

Phone: 805-531-8900
Fax: 805-531-8903

The AVC Specialists brand has been a leader in building voltage controllers, rapping systems, replacement parts for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs), and performing maintenance support functions for customers since 1977. 我们服务的主要行业包括电力(燃煤、木材和生物质)、炼油、化工产品制造和矿物/水泥生产。

An Electrostatic Precipitator is a filtration device that, by passing flue gases through an electrically charged passageway, the particulates take on a charge and are attracted to rows of grounded plats. This successfully removes the particulates from the flue gases. AVC Specialists manufactures the Automated Voltage Controllers that give us our name and put the charge on the electrodes that cause the particulates to be removed. 

As particles build up on these grounded plates the effectiveness of the precipitator is reduced. We also manufacture the Rappers (Model SR-A1, GR-P1 and the Hopper Hammer) that knock the built-up particles off the plates, thus allowing the collection to stay optimum and the Rappercon 900 控制方 for driving all the rapping devices on the precipitator.

These rappers also keep the hoppers below the Electro-Static Precipitators cleared by knocking on the walls to keep material flowing down through the outlet valves into collecting bins for removal. We also perform clean/dirty inspections, repairs and upgrades to most precipitators, including the repair of T/R Sets. Our inspection reports are invaluable for planning outages and handling unscheduled downtimes.

In addition to our products and replacement parts, we offer a wide variety of services and technologies to deliver solutions for your precipitator needs.



Precipitator Inspections
Replacement Parts
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