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The CECO Peerless brand Vertical Gas Vane Separator is used for slug removal applications and small footprint installations in:
  • 天然气开采净化、管输及储气库
  • 炼油装置
  • 燃气发电燃料气预处理装置
  • 工业蒸汽干燥
  • 工业气体压缩
  • 空气分离装置
  • 石油化工装置
  • 煤化工装置
  • 液化天然气(LNG)装置
  • 精细化工及特种化工装置
  • 化肥生产装置



  • 低投资建设成本
  • 有效脱除气体中夹带的液体
  • 100%脱除直径8微米及其以上尺寸的液滴
  • 有效脱除段塞流
  • 占地空间小



  • 高效分离叶片
  • 适用于不同液气比的场合
  • 可对现有常规分离器进行技术升级改造


Peerless Vertical Gas Vane Separator

For nearly 85 years, CECO Peerless has been a worldwide leader in the design and installation of efficient, high-quality filtration and separation equipment. Peerless provides incomparable equipment to oil, gas, and power generating industries. Our engineers continuously improve our filtration equipment to insure it remains the very best in the business.

From concept to completion, Peerless provides worry-free filtration technology and superior craftsmanship our customers have come to expect. Our Vertical Gas Vane Separators deliver low-cost gas and liquid separation and are ideal for small footprint installations.  Peerless product applications include unconventional oil recovery, gas treatment, produced water and oil-water treatment, oil treatment, sand management, separation technologies, gas transmission, and nuclear power separators. 

When it comes to filtration, you can’t afford to deal with contaminated product, higher operating costs, and additional downtime. A filtration system that fails will negatively impact your bottom line - and your reputation. With the Peerless line of products, your image will remain untarnished. Trust the brand that has been providing topnotch equipment for decades. Trust Peerless. We live up to our name.

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